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Woman Settles Compensation Claim for Pressure Sore Injuries to her Mother

Posted on: July 23rd, 2015 by Editor

A woman has settled her compensation claim for pressure sore injuries that caused her mother significant distress in the final months of her life.

Ivy Jones (98) moved into the Carshalton Nursing Home in November 2012 after falling several times in her home in Mitcham, Surrey. At the time, Ivy was suffering from dry skin on both legs; but, within weeks of moving into the nursing home, Ivy developed pressure sores on both calves which caused her significant distress and intense pain when the dressings were changed.

Ivy´s relatives complained to staff at the nursing home, who escalated their concerns to medical professionals. However, Ivy´s condition deteriorated further and the family complained to a social worker, who arranged for Ivy to be moved to an alternative nursing home in January 2013. Ivy sadly died shortly after.

On the instigation of Ivy´s daughter, Shirley Dell, the nursing home´s licensing authority – Sutton Council – conducted an investigation into the standard of care at the nursing home. Finding that the “the quality of care fell below the acceptable standard”, Sutton Council placed an embargo on the nursing home until a new manager was put in place and the necessary improvements made in November 2014.

The investigation also concluded that more should have been done to prevent Ivy´s pressure sores and to obtain medical attention for her. Armed with this evidence, Shirley sought legal advice and made a compensation claim for pressure sore injuries to her mother. Liability for Ivy´s injuries was denied by the home´s owners, but eventually an out-of-court settlement of the claim amounting to £12,000 was negotiated.

Speaking after the compensation claim for pressure sore injuries to her mother had been resolved, Shirley told her local press: “I just wanted some form of justice for my mum. When they changed her dressings she used to scream in agony. It wasn’t right for her to suffer like she did.”

Compensation for Surgery on the Wrong Discs Agreed in Medical Negligence Claim

Posted on: July 1st, 2015 by Editor

A former police officer, who was forced to retire due to medical negligence, has agreed to a settlement of compensation for surgery on the wrong discs.

Fifty-one year old Michael Dunn from Droylsden in Greater Manchester underwent surgery at the Salford Royal Hospital in 2011 to repair discs in his upper back that were causing him to suffer severe neck pain that extended down his right arm and into his hand.

After coming round from the operation, Michael complained to his consultant that he had no feeling in the arm. Michael was assured by the consultant that the lack of sensation was soon return and he was discharged from the hospital shortly after.

However, the lack of sensation in his arm continued and Michael was forced to give up his job as a traffic support officer with the Greater Manchester Police. Michael sought legal advice from a solicitor, who initiated an investigation into the treatment Michael had received.

The investigation revealed that not only had surgeons operated on the wrong discs in Michael´s back, but they had also damaged a nerve root which means that Michael is unlikely ever to recover the full use of his arm.

Michael made a claim for compensation for surgery on the wrong discs and the Salford Royal Hospitals NHS Trust acknowledged liability. A negotiated settlement of £259,000 was agreed, after which Michael said:

“[The medical negligence] has completely changed my life. I had planned to stay with Greater Manchester Police until I retire, but this has taken it away. I wish I had never had the surgery. I was led to believe it was a straightforward operation, so I wasn´t expecting any complications.”

Salford Royal Hospital´s Medical Director – Dr Peter Turkington – also made a statement to the press. In it he said: “Once again, we would like to offer our sincere apologies to Mr Dunn for the standard he received at Salford Royal. When an incident occurs, it is always Salford Royal´s practise to apologise, thoroughly investigate it and ensure that we openly share the findings of this investigation with the patient concerned.”

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