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Solicitors Start Investigation into to Failure to Diagnose Cervical Cancer

Posted on: January 28th, 2016 by Editor

A patient, whose cervical cancer symptoms were ignored because of her age, has entrusted her solicitors to investigate whether or not she can claim compensation. 
The victim, Tayne Eaton – aged twenty-five from Ipswich – started visiting her GP in summer 2013 with bleeding and pain. These, both symptoms of cervical cancer, were not enough to get Tayne a smear test as she was below the age to automatically qualify for the NHS’s smear test.
In September of the next year, after the birth of her son, Tayne was granted a smear test that was not carried out until March 2015. At this stage, a tumour of 9 cm diameter was discovered. Wayne underwent a course of chemotherapy, as well as a series of invasive operations – including a hysterectomy – to prevent metastasis of the cancer.
Now, after seeking legal counsel, Tayne has asked her lawyers to investigate whether or not she is entitled to medical negligence compensation for the failure to act on her symptoms. She alleges that, had the smear test been carried out sooner, she may still be able to have children.
Tayne has also claimed that, if they had considered cervical cancer as a possibility sooner, the diagnosis would have been easier and her prognosis improved. Speaking with a reporter, she said that “I knew something was seriously wrong but I just seemed to go from test to test without anyone really knowing what was happening.”
Tayne’s legal representatives have also commented on the failure to act on the symptoms of cervical cancer, adding that “Cervical cancer is a treatable disease with a good long term prognosis when it is diagnosed early, but delays can have terrible consequences. Any symptoms should not be dismissed; it is vital that women know what to look out for and take medical advice but, equally, that doctors pay attention to their concerns”.

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