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Patient Files Claim for Hospital Eye Infection

Posted on: August 9th, 2016 by Editor

A man, who has remained anonymous throughout proceedings, has entered negotiations with the Gloucester Royal NHS Foundation Trust after he contracted a severe infection at an unclean facility.

The patient was receiving treatment at the Ophthalmic Department of the Cheltenham General Hospital in December 2015. The procedure, described as routine, involved the injection of medication into the gelatinous substance supporting the eye such that it can reach the retina.

Yet, a few days after the procedure was undertaken, the anonymous man developed a severe infection in his eye, know as endopthalmitis. This eventually progressed and lead to the complete loss of sight in the affected eye. The infection – which affects the internal layers of the eye – is usually associated with intraocular surgery.

The man, after recovery, sought legal counsel before proceeding to make a claim for medical negligence compensation against the Gloucester Royal NHS Foundation. In the claim, the patient alleged that the room in which he received treatment was dirty and as such it was responsible for his eventual blindness, as opposed to the allegations that his infection was just a complication of the procedure.

After these allegations of unsanitary conditions was received, an investigation ensued into the facilities at the department and discovered that there were many failings in the care of the patient. The sink was cluttered and the room with dirty, with dust collection on several surfaces. Additionally, trolleys were not properly cleaned after sterilisation.

The report also found that the clinicians administering the procedure were negligent, failing to adhere to guidelines. For example, it is recommended that antiseptic is left on the patient’s eye for at least three minutes before the treatment is carried out.

The Gloucester Royal NHS Foundation Trust, admitted their negligence and have entered negotiations with the anonymous patient and his lawyers such that a settlement of compensation can be awarded.

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