Settlement for Burns Victim Awarded

Posted on: November 16th, 2015 by Editor

The family of a woman who died because she sustained burns after a lack of care has been awarded an undisclosed settlement of compensation.

The accident occurred on the 15th February 2012, when Jessie King – aged ninety – was visited by two daily carers who assisted her in getting up and showered. During this visit, whilst Jessie was preparing for her shower, she fell and landed with her back pressed against a hot radiator.

One of the carers phoned Rothercare, the care service provider, to ask for assistance after the fall. However, neither carer considered the fact that the radiator was on. When the specialists arrived, Jessie was helped up and continued to shower as the carers prepared her breakfast, before leaving.

Later that day, when Jessie was visited by her daughter, Denise – accompanied by a district nurse – her burns were discovered. An ambulance came to the house to take Jessie to the Northern General Hospital, where she was referred to the Burns Unit and underwent skin grafts.

Jessie also suffered from dementia, and as such the claim for compensation was made through one of her daughters, Jean. The claim was made against Saga Home Care, who traded as Nestor Primecare Services Ltd, the company who employed the two carers who failed to prevent Jessie’s burns.

Though liability was denied by the company, negotiations between the party lead to an out-of-court settlement between the two parties. However, Jessie passed away in May 2013, so the settlement was paid to her family.

Speaking with reporters after the compensation was announced, one of Jessie’s children said  “The injuries mum suffered were absolutely horrendous and we can’t believe that her carers failed to notice she was lying against a hot radiator and that she had suffered severe burns. We are absolutely shocked that Nestor Primecare Services Ltd has continued to deny liability for the injuries and that they have never apologised for what happened.”

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