Woman Receives Compensation for Mistreated Broken Leg Injury

Posted on: October 28th, 2015 by Editor

A woman has received compensation from the Worcester Acute Hospitals NHS Trust for a mistreated broken leg injury that has left her with a deformed right leg and nerve damage.

In August 2012, Sally Marsh (25) of Diglis, Worcestershire, was playing soccer for her local women’s football team. During the game, she fell awkwardly on her right leg, resulting in two broken bones. The emergency services were called, and Sally was taken by ambulance to Worcester Royal Hospital, where her leg was placed into a full cast.

As Sally was released from hospital, she was informed that it was safe to put weight on her right leg. The full-leg cast was replaced by a half-leg cast after a two month period, and remained on Sally’s leg for a further six weeks. When that cast was removed, it appeared that Sally’s leg had not healed properly.

Sally was seen by an orthopaedic specialist, who discovered that Sally’s bone had set at a nineteen degree angle. Sally would need another operation to align the bone properly. The NHS Trust cancelled and postponed Sally’s operation several times, resulting in Sally not having the operation until nine months after the misaligned bone was discovered.

During those nine months, Sally experienced continuous pain in her leg. She was forced to take time off of work, and was unable to pursue her regular pastimes or hobbies. When the correction surgery finally took place, Sally had a metal cage fitted to her leg to support it. However, the cage led to Sally developing a bacterial infection, which resulted in her taking antibiotics for several weeks.

Sally sought legal counsel, and made a claim for compensation for the negligence treatment of a broken leg against the Worcester Acute Hospitals NHS Trust. The claim alleged that Sally should have been kept in hospital longer when she initially broke her leg, and that there was a failure by the hospital to appreciate the need for prompt surgical intervention. She also said that the hospital’s mistakes led to avoidable nerve damage and a deformity in her right leg.

An investigation was launched into Sally’s injuries. The Worcester Acute Hospitals NHS Trust acknowledged that there had been failings in the standard of care which Sally had received. The defendants admitted liability for Sally’s injuries, and the two legal teams are in the process of negotiating a settlement of her claim for the negligent treatment of a broken leg.

After the Worcester Acute Hospitals NHS Trust admitted liability, Sally commented: “It’s a relief that at least now the NHS Trust has admitted that it made mistakes and my legal case can move to the next stage. I just hope that no one else has to suffer as I have in the future.”

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