Dental Negligence Compensation Claim Settled Out of Court

Posted on: July 3rd, 2012 by Editor

A man who had two teeth unnecessarily extracted has settled his dental negligence compensation claim out of court for £4,000.

John Turnbull had been a patient of Dr David Stewart of the Glenholme Dental Practice in Dunston, Tyne & Wear for fifteen years when – in 2008 – he visited his dentist to be told that he needed two of his lower teeth extracted due to an infection in his gum.

John (56) from nearby Gateshead consented to the treatment but, within weeks of having the dual extraction, he started to experience significant pain close to where his teeth had been removed. John attempted to book another appointment at the Glenholme Dental Practise, but found it had closed.

John managed to get an appointment with another local dentist, who told him that the pain he was experiencing was due to tooth decay. The dentist also told him that the dual extraction had been unnecessary. The dentist treated John for the tooth decay; after which John spoke with a solicitor and made a dental negligence compensation claim against Dr Stewart and the Glenholme Dental Practice.

During the preparation of John´s dental negligence compensation claim, it was discovered that there were three further claims of dental negligence pending against Dr Stewart and, in March 2010, Dr Stewart was struck off of the Dental Registry.

As the claim could no longer proceed against Dr Stewart, John´s solicitor located the former insurers of the Dental Practice, and the dental negligence compensation claim was made against the insurance company. After an investigation by the insurance company into the alleged negligence, a £4,000 settlement of the claim was agreed.

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